What The Heck? Wednesday 15 (Cross Contamination)

For this post and video I decided to do it on something pretty simple that most of you know about but share some things that may be helpful. Cross contamination is one of the biggest issues we all deal with while being gluten-free. A lot of the reasons we may continue to get glutened may not be from actual gluten we are eating, but from the gluten our foods are coming in contact with. That's why I made this video and post to give you the best ideas of where cross contamination can occur that should be helpful to anyone!

My top cross contamination sources I've noticed:
  1. Condiments
  2. Pets and pet food
  3. Counter tops
  4. Toasters
  5. Shared grills
  6. Dining out
Gluten-Free Labels are my favorite product to help: If you live in a house hold that isn't 100% gluten-free and you think cross contamination is an issue, check out Gluten Free Labels which make the risk of cross contamination much less likely! Check Gluten Free Labels out, Here!

What are the places you've noticed cross contamination the most? Comment below and I'm sure you could help some others!
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  1. Utensil holders, dish towels and sponges, fridge shelves. I've gotten glutened from each I think.

  2. Key boards, phones, etc. Offices are a major cross contamination zone