Chipotle Goes Above And Beyond With Gluten Free Breakfast Options And More!

Recently my mom took a trip up to Ohio and passed through the Baltimore airport on her way there. Like most airports there was tons of restaurants and food options to choose from. But like usual there was very little options when it came to being gluten-free, especially for breakfast in the mornings. My mom looked around and noticed that she didn't have many options. That was until she came across a Chipotle in the airport and saw that they had new breakfast options! Most of us already know the Chipotle is one of our best friends when it comes to getting a safe gluten-free meal on the go. So now to have the possibility of getting them for breakfast too makes it a win for all of us in the gluten-free community. Chipotle has always been good when it comes to gluten-free options but there are a few things they do that show they go above and beyond for dietary needs.

What's been added to their menu for breakfast:
Burrito bowls have already been something nearly all of us can feel safe eating while being gluten-free. They've honestly been one of my favorite things to eat too since they are so great! Usually when you think of Chipotle you think of Mexican food for lunch or dinner. But supposedly they found a way to serve food for breakfast as well that can be safe for all of us that are gluten-free. Only 3 items have been added to this new menu at select locations but only 2 of them would be gluten-free and safe to eat. Those would be shown below.

  • Breakfast Tacos - Three soft corn tortillas with scrambled eggs, meat, salsa and cheese or sour cream.
  • Breakfast Bowl - Crispy herbed potatoes, black or pinto beans, scrambled eggs, meat, salsa and cheese or sour cream.

Since they are still being tested out in only a select few locations across the U.S, they cannot be found at every Chipotle yet. They are currently being tested at some Chipotles found in airports which makes that your best bet to find them right now. If you're traveling in the morning then this is a great new option for you! The founder of Chipotle, Steve Ellis, made a comment on the breakfast option's popularity stating, “(They’re) very, very popular and gaining more popularity as we continue to serve it.” Hopefully we will see them expand across the U.S. soon but for now it is still very exciting to see!

What makes Chipotle one of the safest to eat at:
I'm not going to lie, I really don't dine out much because I am constantly afraid to get glutened. It's hard to risk your own health over a meal which is why sometimes I just don't think it's worth it. But with Chipotle, I never have these worries. I always feel safe with what I eat each time I go there and I never have to worry. There's so many reasons I love Chipotle and feel safe while eating there so I'm just going to give a few of my reasons below.
  • Not many gluten containing ingredients!
  • Since their menu pretty much consists of all natural foods and hardly any gluten containing ingredients, you have to feel safe! The only item on their menu containing gluten is their flour tortilla wraps but that does not come in contact with anything that touches what goes in a burrito bowl which most people that are gluten-free would get.
  • Very little chances of cross contamination!
  • Cross contamination is an issue that a lot of us come across when it comes to dining out. I'm not saying cross contamination at Chipotle isn't a possibility, but I am saying it's much less likely to happen here than most places! They don't have many items to cross contact with which is one reason why they are great. Not only that but they also have a great understanding of cross contamination as well!
  • Great understanding of Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivities!
  • What surprised me most about Chipotle is how they go above and beyond to show that they understand the seriousness of why we are gluten-free. They even have a disclaimer on there website stating...
    "If you are highly sensitive and would like us to change our gloves, we would be happy to do that at your request. Additionally, because our folks work with wheat tortillas all day long, there may be the possibility of cross-contact in our restaurants."
    That just shows that they are very understanding of cross contamination issues and actually do take being gluten-free seriously! Feels good to finally go to a place where they understand instead of treating it like a fad diet.

Dietary information:
Chipotle is one of the best restaurant companies I have found when it comes to displaying and explaining their dietary information. They make it very clear with every item sold in their restaurant of what does and does not contain gluten. They also have a very good understanding of Celiac Disease and cross contamination in many different ways. There aren't many places I feel safe eating at which is why the content added to their site continues to make me feel safe each time I go.

What do you think about Chipotle's new gluten-free breakfast options? Would you give it a try if it were brought to Chipotle's around the U.S?
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  1. Unfortunately corn products cause similar symptoms to gluten, especially yellow corn. At least there are other ingredients in addition to the corn which may be safe.

    1. I don't believe that's for everyone though so at least some people will be able to enjoy it! I've been going for years and I never have any problems.

  2. I think I am uber sensitive, but I still get sick when I eat there. I think all it takes for me (even if I have them change their gloves) the cheese and lettuce in the bin is already contaminated from the last million people that didn't have them change their gloves. BUT, since Chipotle is my all time FAVE place to eat...I tried it again recently...only I got there right as they opened so I was the first customer.....success!! Thanks for this info, Taylor! :)

  3. You're welcome, Mandy. Glad you found something that worked out!

  4. I might need to be pinched to make sure this isn't a dream. This is AWESOME news! I love Chipotle.

  5. Would definitely give breakfast a shot!

  6. Whenever I have went I just said I'm gluten free they have always grab fresh lettuce and cheese so I'm sure you could ask them to do that for you. I really hope the breakfast menu comes my way.

  7. I would like to try these gf options.