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April 21, 2014

The 5 Most Important Things I've Learned About Life Over The Last 17 Years!

Today, April 21st, I'm celebrating my 17th birthday! I'm not doing much to have a huge party but I'll still be celebrating with my family. Over the last 17 years I've learned a lot as a teen and kid. Most of my life I've had it pretty hard but I know everyone has difficult times at some points in their life! I think most people view me as a lot more mature than most teenagers. I've been through a lot and experienced a lot as a 17 year old but that's what makes me who I am today. A lot of people seem to be interested in my positive attitude and why I act the way I do. It honestly all has do do with my life experiences and these 5 important things I've learned over the last 17 years.

April 18, 2014

The Best 10 Easy Gluten Free Easter Recipes!

As you all know, Easter is coming up this Sunday! When I was younger I used to make gluten-free treats with my mom and Grandma all the time but since growing up I obviously haven't it as much. I remember it was something I always enjoyed doing with them every year but at the time I wasn't gluten-free! We always looked up recipes and picked something Easter themed to make then eat together. I loved doing this as a kid every year and I know it's something most kids enjoy doing too. Gluten-free may make this a little harder to do but here's 10 easy gluten-free Easter themed recipes to try with your kids or on your own!

April 16, 2014

Gluten Free Giveaway #2 (Bars And Snacks)

This is my 2nd giveaway I'm hosting for gluten-free bars and snacks! There's a lot of great things included from the expo I attended as well as some thing I added myself. The turnout for the last giveaway was amazing! I got over 8000 entries so thank you all for participating! I look forward to continuing to host more giveaways every Week. Until those come, enjoy this giveaway for all these gluten-free bars and snacks!

April 14, 2014

Happy To Celebrate 1 Year Together With My Girlfriend

Over the last year a lot of changes have taken place with my blog and my life. I've met a lot of people, connected and made a lot of friends, and helped more people than I could ever wish for. Some of you may know about my girlfriend Breann since I kind of brag about her a lot. But you probably don't know that we actually met through my blog! It's officially been 1 year since we first started dating and I'm incredibly happy to share with you a little more about us. We've done 3 post together which I'll share with you as well as a little bit about us as a gluten-fee teenage couple!

April 11, 2014

Super Easy Broccoli Salad That Even Kids Will Enjoy!

As healthy as I like to say I am, I'll admit that I slack when it comes to eating greens. I know how essential all the vitamins are and all that but seriously, I'm still a teenager! I at least can say that I make an effort to get my greens as much as possible for B vitamins but I know I'm not getting enough. I really wanted to find a way to get my green vegetables in a way I actually enjoyed eating. Luckily my mom and I put together this recipe and for once I was excited to eat raw vegetables. This broccoli salad recipe is amazing and something I think even your kids would enjoy. That's right. Even your kids! I was very skeptical as a teenager but I turned out to love it! It's sweet but not too strong, plus it's free of the top 8 allergens. What more could you ask? If you want to get more greens in your diet in a delicious way then this is definitely the recipe to try.

April 9, 2014

Gluten Free Giveaway #1 (Snacks For On The Go)

Over the next month and most likely well into may, I'll be hosting gluten-free giveaways every Wednesday for you to enter! I put together tons of gluten-free goodies for giveaways and I really have so much stuff left over from the expo. I'll be reviewing new products I found as well as just giving away most of these things every week. Check back to my blog every Wednesday for a new gluten-free giveaway and enjoy this first gluten-free giveaway of gluten-free snacks!

April 7, 2014

My Recap Of The Gluten Free Living Conference 2014

This weekend I attended the Gluten-Free Living Conference and fortunately felt much better this time compared to the expo in St. Pete. I got to meet tons of bloggers as well as try many new gluten-free products I have not seen before. If you've been following me then you will see that I've gotten a lot of gluten-free products for me to share with you. In this post I'll be sharing with you all the people I met as well as the gluten-free giveaways I will be hosting soon. I'm giving away everything I got at the expo so look for a lot of stuff for you to have the chance to win!

March 24, 2014

The St. Pete Gluten Free For Life Expo (Recap)

Last weekend, Saturday March 22nd, I got to take part in the Gluten-Free For Life Expo in Saint Petersburg, Florida! The expo was actually right down the street from me and I got to meet a lot of people! Some people I knew through my blog and others I met for the first time. Either way it was a great turn out working at the gluten-free teens table. I worked at expo for about 10 hours so of course I was exhausted after all that time. Check out more from the expo below and what awesome blogger I finally got to meet!