What The Heck? Wednesday #12 (Getting Glutened)

This week I decided to do my video on getting glutened. We all experience every once in a while and can say what the heck for a lot of reasons! What the heck got me glutened? What the heck do I do to help? Or I guess even why the heck is this happening to me? Whatever it may be hopefully my video and post can be helpful to you! Below I also have a link to a list of the Top Hidden Products with Gluten as well as the things I do to recover from getting glutened quickest!

Even though I'm 16, I'm really not the type of person that cheats on my diet and I really never have before. I'm at the point now where the only time I get glutened is when it's on complete accident. If you're like me and feel like you're doing everything right to stay gluten-free, check out this list of the Top Hidden Products with Gluten that may have foods that are part of your problem!

What I do to recover quickest from getting glutened:
  1. Drink tons of water: The first thing I do and will recommend to anyone is to drink TONS of water! It will help flush the gluten out of your system and it always helps me feel better. That's by far the easiest thing you can do without too much effort.

  2. Take some Tummy Drop: Stomach pains and discomfort is also something that obviously comes along with getting glutened. What I do to help with that is take some Tummy Drops! They relieve stomach pain within minutes and are extremely easy to take. They are ginger supplements just in the form of candies and are a product I use daily. You can get them on amazon.com, Here! They've been a life safer to me when I get glutened.

  3. Take Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal helps flush the gluten out of your system much faster than anything else. It's a natural supplement you can take in the form of pills and it's honestly been one of the biggest helps to me as well. Take it, drink lots of water, and it will help your gluten reaction blow over quickly!

Do you sometimes feel like you get glutened even when you're doing everything right? What to you do to help recover from when you do get glutened?
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  1. Thank you so much for this post. My daughter has celiac(1 year) Your blog is so helpful and can't wait for her to read it. We are still learning. I'm interested in what you feel when you get glutened. My girl can not explain it. Just that she is sick and doesn't feel good. What are your symptoms? do you know right away? How long does it last? Do you get foggy?
    Thank you again for helping so many with your story.
    Have a great day.

  2. You're welcome! I notice blisters or sores in my mouth instantly as well as sharp pains and an upset stomach. Usually the brain fog and uneasy feeling comes later on and lasts a day or 2 for me. Almost always though I do know within 10 mins if I've eaten gluten or not and the reaction usually lasts 3-6 days depending on how bad it was. Hopefully that helped and thanks for commenting!

  3. Thanks for this post (and all others!)! I am wondering about the Tummy Drops you take...I of course Googled them and found them on Amazon. It looks like in the video you have the peppermint ones...but you mentioned ginger ones. Do they both help? ...which do you prefer? My main symptom from a glutening is excruciating abdominal pain so I am SO thankful for these tips (I've never heard of tummy drops before)! Thanks again for all you do.....glad you are feeling better!

  4. The peppermint ones are just flavored peppermint but still contain ginger! It's just for those that don't like the taste of ginger like me but it works the same. They are very helpful and I hope you try them to help you as well!

  5. That's what I hoping you were going to say...I'm not a fan of ginger either! Thanks a million! :)