Bluebonnet Soaps N' Such Review

Out of all the gluten-free products I use, this might be a little more of a surprise to hear compared to the other typical things a teenager would use. Natural handmade body soaps is something I really enjoy buying and is something I have been buying for a while! I don't know why but I just prefer it much more compared to the other body washes. Main brand soaps have tons of chemicals and ingredients I can't even pronounce. I much rather use a soap that is gluten-free, natural, and hand made from someone that's gluten-free herself! I happily got to try 4 different bars of natural handmade soaps from Bluebonnet Soaps N' Such and am happy to review it and say you should try them as well. They are free of many different allergies but are most importantly natural and gluten-free!

What Bluebonnet Soaps N' Such has:
They have many different types of products for guys and girls ranging from soaps which is obvious, to lip balms, lotions, and shaving creams. All soaps are natural and gluten-free which is something you definitely want to look out for when getting body wash. I only tried out the bars of soap which I was happy to use since I've gotten reactions from typical main brand body washes in the past. I didn't get any skin reaction this time which was a great change for me! The bars of soap which you see in the pictures actually end up lasting a month or so which is great!

My favorite thing about Bluebonnet Soaps N' Such:

By far my favorite thing about these soaps is that you know they are gluten-free, natural, and hand made. Also, Brittany who created these soaps with her mom, Stacy, has Celiac Disease herself and knows all about the seriousness of the gluten-free diet. That definitely makes me feel much safer with these soaps I bought since I knew they would be safe! If you have sensitive skin to some products containing gluten or dairy then these soaps are probably perfect for you! I was also happy with how long the soap lasted since it took about 1 month for me to go through a bar. These soaps have been my favorite so far although I do think there could be some more masculine scented ones. I hope you try these hand made soaps and give them a try like I did. Even though I'm a 16 year old guy, I still enjoyed the men's soap products I tried so there is definitely something for everyone! Also, make sure to check out Stacy and Brittany's story of how they started Bluebonnet Soaps N' Such, Here!

Make sure to catch Bluebonnet Soaps N' Such as a sponsor and vendor at the Dallas Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo on October 26th - 27th! 

Bluebonnet Soaps are free of the following above!

Do you notice skin reactions due to the soaps you've used in the past? Would you rather use something natural and guaranteed gluten-free like this instead?
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  1. I too use Bluebonnet Soaps and love them. My daughter has Celiac and is going to be 10 this coming Nov. Right now she is just starting to show interest in all the nice smelly soaps like this. Its a big comfort that this company is out there and it is safe for her to use for when she is ready to use them. I have no fear as long as Bluebonnet is here/there.

  2. Glad you've been able to use them too! I've just enjoyed them because I feel safe for once with the soap I use and don't get any skin reactions which is great. Thanks for commenting!

  3. All of, Bluebonnet's products are spectacular! Their customer service there can't be beat either.