Gluten Free Alternatives to Cheerios That You Can ACTUALLY Trust

By now you know that General Mills has recalled 1.8 million boxes of "gluten-free" cheerios due to the presence of wheat within their product. In case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard about this story yet, you can read the full recall, here.

I personally never tried the new "gluten-free" cheerios because of this very reason. I knew that something would go wrong sooner or later and I guarantee an incident like this will happen again. It's bound too. It truly sucks to see so many people get excited about a product like this, only to be glutened yet again. If you've read the process on how they make cheerios gluten-free, it makes zero sense. Not that I don't believe that their process works. But it makes zero sense as to how they can guarantee each box is under 20 ppm...the truth is, they can't.

I hate being the one to tell you this but Cheerios being gluten-free is not something we can trust. I'd love to tell you to go grab a box of Cheerios right now and get at it, but simply, it's not the truth. Cheerios can't be trusted because of this incident and unfortunately, it will not be the last.

Instead of continuing to eat Cheerios hoping that an incident like this won't happen again, why don't I offer you some awesome alternatives to Cheerios that you can ACTUALLY trust. See below :)

Gluten Free Cereals You Can Trust

Freedom Foods
One of my favorite gluten-free cereal companies based out of Australia has made it's way to the U.S. and it's definitely one you can count. With 8 different types of cereal that abide strict allergy testing, they are one that's delicious and one you can trust. Learn more.

Nature's Path 
Nature's Path has been one of my favorite companies for a while because of their awesome gluten-free waffles and cereals. They've been around for 30 years and they are always guaranteed gluten-free. Not to mention, Nature's Path has over 15 different types of gluten-free cereal. Learn more.

Love Grown Foods
Love Grown Foods is a new cereal company that I've recently tried and now become a huge fan of. They make their cereals out of beans and lentils putting a whole new spin on cereal. It tastes amazing plus there's 5 different flavors to choose from! Learn more

Enjoy Life Crunchy Flax
Enjoy Life will always be one of the most reliable companies out there. They have tons of products but a lot of people don't know that they actually have 3 different types of cereal available too! Learn more.

Gluten-Free Cereals in Question

Chex Gluten Free
Chex Gluten Free Cereals has been trusted by a lot of people for a long time, myself included. I honestly believe them to be safe and better compared to other cereals. However, this is the same company that just put out the 1.8 million boxes of Cheerios containing wheat. They're safe as of now but be careful. Learn more.

Special K Gluten Free
Special K Gluten Free cereal is one that I've tried and have actually enjoyed. I personally have never gotten a reaction to it and believe them to be safe. However, after the incident with Cheerios, I would tread carefully with any main brand names. Learn more.

What cereal companies do you trust? Do you have a harder time trusting General Mills because of this issue? Comment below!
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  1. Good information! I was not aware of the Cheerios incident until I was exposed to your fb post. My child who has suffered from gluten, wheat and soy did not seem to have been affected so far.

  2. thank you for sharing this! I really miss eating cheerios. I am gluten intolerant and i remember how I used to eat cheerios all the time. I will give this a try, thanks!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  3. I tried the GF Cheerios and broke out with a rash. But than stopped and now rash is going away

  4. Chex cereals make several gluten free varieties--gluten free Corn Chex, Rice Chex, Vanilla Chex, and Cinnamon Chex are all gluten free.

    I also discovered a cereal called Power O's made from bean flour (various types), in Albertsons. It was on the cereal aisle, but the section reserved for organic and other specialty cereals. It was good.

  5. Unfortunately most of those I have tried taste like cardboard and are expensive. I get fruity pebbles. Both fruit and chocolate are gluten free and they dont have a special gluten free brand so anyplace I find fruity pebbles they are ok to eat. The stores here seem to carry gluten free specialty brands on and off. Chex is good too. But those are specialty and they may be available or not.

  6. Check out this GF alternative. So far the best GF granola cereals I have ever tasted.

  7. Sorry to hear that Miranda. If you haven't tried Nature's Path then I'd definitely give them a try. They have a lot of flavors that taste like the real thing.

  8. I knew something was up with the Cheerios, I got really excited that they were now gluten free but when I ate it I could tell something was off, they made me feel slightly sick within an hour of eating them! So I stopped :)

  9. Just wanted to say I found out the hard way that Enjoy Life brand isn't safe anymore... I think they changed their processes since they got bought out by Kraft. I was eating Plentils and then found out it's suddenly made in a plant that handles gluten. The chocolate chips also have weasel words that imply it's a GF facility when it's really just having a so-called certified process in a plant that handles gluten. If you eat any of their products please read the fine print and the FAQ :( I feel they are really misrepresenting themselves.