Yummari Gluten Free Review & Crowd Funding Help

I generally eat pretty healthy when it comes to eating gluten-free and I'm always trying to find the next best gluten-free snack. It seems like every month there's a brand new gluten-free product being released that I've never heard of. Some are started by big brand companies who have thousands of dollars, and others are started by small families, people, just like you and me! Yummari is a great new gluten-free bar started by Catherine and Jason Walsh. They currently have a funding page up right now to raise a goal of $10,000. They only need to raise $800 more dollars by 8/21/15 so please donate if you can to help get this awesome product going! Donate Here.

What makes Yummari different:
Yummari is one of the few gluten-free bars that I've seen that is 100% organic and healthy for you to eat. The first ingredient in each bar is organic hemp seeds which has tons of health benefits. Every single ingredient is organic and natural which means that each bar you eat is going to make your body happy. Plus there are 5 unique flavors that are all different from the last. My personal favorite is chocolate chip but there are many to chose from that I'm sure you'd enjoy!

Different flavors:
  • Cranberry
  • Chocolate Banana
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Coconut
  • Coffee

My honest opinion:
  • The bars are very good and have great flavors for any person to enjoy!
  • I personally didn't like the coffee or cranberry too much but that's because I'm younger and am not a fan of those flavors in general. My mom loved them though!
  • The Chocolate Banana and Chocolate Chip bars are the best bars for kids to try!
  • The Coffee, Coconut, and Cranberry bars are probably best for adults to try!
  • The fact that they are gluten-free, vegan, and 100% organic makes them a great option and one of my new favorite gluten-free bars.

Where to donate and support: 
You can help support Catherine and Jason by donating to their crowd funding page at PlumAlley.co. You have to 8/21/15 to help out! Only $800 left is needed to help reach the goal! I know any contributions even as little as $1 can make a difference. Donate here.

Which flavor looks the best to you to try? Comment below!
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  2. I jumped at the chance to try yummari when susie put me in touch with catherine and recommended it to me. I received samples in exchange for an honest product review.

    David Cena,