10 Healthy Gluten Free Snacks For Back To School

I'm 18 years old so I'm luckily done with the "back to school" days when it comes to high school. However, I will be starting college soon which means that I'll have to be prepared when it comes to eating gluten-free away from home. Eating gluten-free is already hard enough when you're an adult but planning for your kids can be much harder! Here are my top healthy gluten-free snacks for back to school that can be great for any age.

Nuts (any kind) - Any nut is a healthy option for school lunches. Almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, etc. can all be options! Try finding nuts that have honey or other things added to them to add some sweetness too! Nuts.com has a great healthy snacks page as well where you can find many great gluten-free snacks, here.

Planters Nuts, Seeds, and Raisins Trail Mix - These are just a personal favorite of mine. They include lots of different types of seeds but have some raisins thrown in there to give some sweetness. I eat them every day!

Kind Bars - These are one of my favorites and have so many flavors that can even be used as a healthy dessert!

Justin's Pretzels and Almond Butter - An awesome new snack pack from Justin's including gluten-free pretzels and almond butter all in one!

Fruits such as apples - These are a pretty easy option that most think of but try making a fruit bowl at home to then give to your kid throughout the week!

GoGo Squeez Applesauce - One of my favorite on-the-go applesauce options. Lots of flavors that make them sweet but healthy!

Caveman Foods Chicken Jerky - These are a very wholesome snack that pack a lot of protein! Easy to put in lunches and a little spicier too.

Surf Sweets Gummies - Sure you can buy regular brand gummies but those are filled with tons of artificial sugars and additives. Surf Sweets Gummies are all organic and made with only natural ingredients so you know they're healthy!

Way Better Snacks Chips - There are so many great flavors that any kid (or adult) will enjoy. The spicy flavors are my favorite and offer a change of pace to typical chips. Plus they're healthy too!

Clif Z Fruit Ropes - These are a great alternative to twizzlers and other licorice candies since they are only made of fruit juice and natural ingredients!

Check out nuts.com for more healthy gluten-free snack ideas by clicking here!

What is your favorite gluten-free snack for when you're on the go? Comment below! 
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  1. I take those little single packets of Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Spread in my purse. They give me a quick burst of protein and really help me if I am out too long and need something quick and SAFE! When I know I will be gone over meal time I carry a coconut wrap, one of the above packets, and a banana. Makes a quick roll up and very tasty.

  2. Check out Undiscovered Kitchen’s Gourmet Gluten Free Snacks Box http://undiscoveredkitchen.com/undiscovered-kitchens-gift-collections/gourmet-artisan-gluten-free-snacks-box filled with gluten free artisan snacks that not only taste amazing but are loaded with nutrition and energy (and taste great too – especially good for kids!)