The GlutenAway Online Expo Is Live! (Here's What You Can Expect)

I'm finally excited to announce the the Fall GlutenAway Online Expo is now live and available for everyone to attend! You can expect lot of great new features as well as big giveaways, product samples, recipes, discount codes, and much more! Not to mention, there's  really great new booth layout as well that will make it much easier to attend. Attendance is FREE so go to right now to see for yourself! (October 13th - October 19th)

What to expect while you attend:

Product Samples: Tons of product samples are available from many great companies! All you have to do is purchase a product sample pass of either 5, 9, or 12 items. Next, you can add a premium sample pass which includes 8 full sized gluten-free products! After that, you finally pick and choose any product samples you want to be delivered right to your door. It's that simple!

Featured Sponsor Booths: Our featured sponsors are actually some of my personal favorite companies. Check out below why they are my favorite and go to their booth for giveaways, discount codes, product samples, and more!
  • Canyon Bakehouse has by far the best gluten-free bread I've ever tried. I haven't found a bread that's greater than there's and I'm always glad to give any of their products a try. See booth here!
  • So Delicious honestly makes me not even miss dairy anymore. Their ice-cream is amazing and a lot of their new Fall products are amazing too. See booth here!
  • Gluten-Free Mama flours are without a doubt one of my favorite baking flours to use. I've been using her flours for at least 2 years now and I haven't found one better. See booth here!
  • San-J makes eating Chinese food and sushi possible again! Although I'm not a big fan of soy sauce, San-J has some great gluten-free soy sauce that is safe for everyone. See booth here!
  • Gluten Free & More Magazine has been one of my favorite gluten-free magazines to read. The content is great and super helpful! Also, there's always some pretty great recipes in there as well. See booth here!

Every single booth at the GlutenAway Online Expo has a huge giveaway! Some are bigger than others but the one I'm most excited about is the giveaway from Hotel Casa Del Angel. It's a gluten-free hotel in Costa Rica that's giving away a free 3 night stay hotel package! All of it is inclusive and the resort has 100% gluten-free catering and options! You can go check out that giveaway, Here!

FREE Webinars:
I'm super excited to have Erica from Celiac and the Beast and Jennifer from Gluten-Free School for these online webinars! They will be 100% free to attend and offer some great tips as well! Erica will be sharing her tips on beginner's mistakes when going gluten-free to help make the transition. Jennifer will also be sharing great tips on how to shop gluten-free on a budget to save you money! Both will be speaking on October 18th at 2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. EDT.

What are you looking forward to most with this expo? Comment below!
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