What's Being Said About GlutenAway Virtual Expo!

If you haven't checked out the First Ever Online Gluten-Free Expo yet, you need too! It's been a huge success so far and has gotten great responses from many people around the U.S. Since this was the first online gluten-free event, we wanted to make sure we did everything right the first time to make both the attendees and companies happy. I've been very happy to see that almost everyone has loved it so far with the exception of a few people who haven't been happy with the samples. Either way it's gotten great response and I'd love to share what some people have to say about it, below!

Comments from people so far: 
"So excited I was able to get a sample kit today! Looking forward to new items from companies!
GlutenAwayExpo is a great way to learn about products."

"Thank You for this Virtual Expo. So great to be able to learn about new companies and products.
The gluten away expo is really cool."

"Love the concept & hope it continues in the future. Plus I can take my time and explore!"

"I am totally browsing and signing up for a lot of giveaways at the GlutenAwayExpo! It's really neat!"

"Love the virtual expo! What a great way for EVERYBODY to connect to some awesome gluten-free companies!"

"This is wonderful being able to learn about new GF products all from the comfort of home. Thank you so much to all the vendors!"

"The virtual expo was fun! I learned about a lot of new products and people. Loved how the companies listed allergens clearly. Kudos!"

"Loving the glutenawayexpo.com! Got to check out all of the vendor’s pages and heard about a lot of new gluten free products that I never heard of before! Wonderful website BTW, very user friendly!"

Check out our featured sponsors and giveaways:

I hope you've liked the expo so far! What's your favorite part about it? Comment below!
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