Can We Trust Gluten Free Products From A Glutenous Company?

Over the last year I've noticed more and more main brand companies coming out with gluten-free products. First General Mills came out with gluten-free Chex which was a big addition. Then Betty Crocker came out with their line of products including baking mixes, Bisquick, and much more! The most recent addition though has to be Pillsbury Dough Boy's new gluten-free cookie dough. I'll admit that the addition of all these great gluten-free products does make it a lot easier than it was years ago. But I can't help but wonder how safe these products actually are! They are all made from companies that already make gluten containing products. So really, how safe are these products and are they even meant for people with Celiac?

Gluten-Free Chex:
I've been doing research on Chex for a while to see whether it's safe for celiac's or not. From my research and everything I've read, Chex has been known to commonly give people with celiac a reaction. I personally have gotten a reaction myself and had to give up gluten-free Chex due to how bad I felt all the time.  One thing to note though is that that they do say they test all there products before they are shipped out to make sure they are under a certain PPM count. However, some people are more sensitive than others which means you are the only one to test it yourself.

It may not be gluten:
Often times BHT is an ingredient that is known to give people gluten like reactions. Many people who are gluten-free are actually sensitive to the ingredient BHT as well! This ingredient is in gluten-free Chex which could be the main cause of reactions people experience. Just be careful with what you are eating and test this product out! You know your body best and if you have stomach issues each day and eat this product, then that could be it.

Gluten-Free Pillsbury Dough Boy Products:
When all these new gluten-free doughs came out from Pillsbury Dough Boy I was a little cautious as to whether they were safe for celiacs or not. I wasn't sure if I would have to do a lot of research to get my answer but luckily their website was pretty straight forward!
Their statement says:

Is Pillsbury® Gluten Free Dough safe for those with celiac? Are the gluten-free products made on shared equipment or in a shared facility that processes gluten? 
Yes, they are safe. Whenever we manufacture gluten-free products, we take specific steps to ensure that the process and equipment used does not provide any opportunity for gluten or gluten-containing ingredients to get into our products. General Mills has stringent programs and precautions in place to ensure the product meets gluten-free requirements. 

I still haven't heard of one person getting sick from their products which makes me believe that this is one of the safest main brand gluten-free products you can buy! I haven't tried it myself since I can't have dairy but it looks like a good, quick, and safe option for those of you who are just gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Betty Crocker Mixes:

I don't use many main brand gluten-free products but Betty Crocker Mixes are definitely one I use often. They have so many options and have been around for a long enough time to know whether they are safe for celiac's or not. I have never gotten a reaction and I am very sensitive to gluten. I sometimes wondered how safe their products really are but a statement on their website reassured me.

Betty Crocker® Gluten Free Dessert Mixes are made in a gluten free processing facility and are sponsored by both the Celiac Disease Foundation and the Celiac Sprue Association.

I've been using Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Mixes for almost 4 years now and I am highly sensitive. I've never once had an issue with their products and I can say as a teenager that they make baking gluten-free a lot easier! I would say that their mixes are some of the safest from any main brand company you would find.

How I feel about these products:
I personally feel that these products can be great to those who want more options and want to be able to feel like they are eating 'normal' again. However, if eating these products makes you feel bad and makes you feel just as you would if you ate gluten, then I don't think it is ok at all! I personally do not eat any of these products because I realized they were making me feel terrible. I didn't feel healthy and I felt sick each day because of these products I ate. If you are eating this stuff every day then I feel like you are just replacing the bad food you were eating in the first place. But if you have it every once in a while and feel ok doing so, then of course it's ok to have it! I know how it makes me feel and that's why I personally choose to avoid it.

The only opinion that matters is your own:
No matter what I say or what anyone else says, the only opinion that really matters is your own. These products make me feel bad but that doesn't mean it will do the same for you! The only way you will know is if you test it out yourself. I'm here to provide my insight and warn you about what might happen. But that doesn't at all mean you will have the same outcome as I did. I say if eating these products makes you feel happy and you truly feel fine each day, then go for it! Don't let someone else's negativity or judgement stop you. But if you are eating these products and feeling sick each day then the right thing to do is to just try and limit these products or avoid them completely. Do what feels best for you and you will always be happy with what you eat.

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How do you feel about gluten-free products from glutenous companies? Comment below!
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  1. Interesting read.. I have Celiac and have had no issues with Chex at all. It's one of my favourite "treats". Well written article. Thanks

  2. Big companies have the most to lose from a recall for gluten, so they invest up front to make sure the GF products really are GF. Most of these products are made in a facility that only makes GF food (a co-packer) and many manufacturers are requiring third party certification of these facilities (from NFCA or CCA, for example).

  3. I have not had any trouble with Chex & have used BC mixes with no problem...however, I always exercise caution with everything.