Guest Post / Stuffed Pepper (Healthy Eating For Kids)

Since school has pretty much started for all kids now, I decided to write a post for something I thought was important. As you all know I'm very passionate about advocating for gluten-free and celiac disease awareness. But another thing I am very passionate about is advocating for healthy eating among teens. A lot of kids and teens are told to eat their vegetables and a certain way from their parents. But honestly a lot of ways kids are told to eat is completely unrealistic. That's why I wrote this post to explain the importance of eating healthy and what simple things can be done to do so for kids! I share all this from my perspective as a teen and I'm really hopeful this can get through to a lot of teens and families as well.

A big thanks to Heather Jacobsen for allowing me to write this post and share it on Stuffed Pepper! Please check out for much more gluten-free info and I hope you enjoyed this post of mine!
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