Setting Gluten Free Resolutions Throughout The Year: What Are Yours?

How good are you at being gluten-free? Take a good look at yourself and ask, do I cheat? Do I eat natural? Am I an awesome gluten-free baker? No matter what your answers are, there is always a way to get better and feel healthier. You can always set resolutions throughout the year to cheat less, eat better, and do what's best for your body. It's what you and your body deserves anyways! So, here's my gluten-free resolutions as well as some for you to choose from that can be added to throughout the year.

Eat more natural foods:
My biggest problem is choosing to eat unhealthy gluten-free foods at the wrong times. Sometimes I eat gluten-free cookies or sweets to fill in for the natural foods or meals I should be eating. That leads me to have horrible crashes later in the day and sometimes ruins my entire day too which isn't good. That's why my first resolution is to eat more naturally gluten-free foods!

Learn to cook more and bake less:
Basically any time I use an oven, it's to bake something delicious. Cookies, brownies, bread, etc. I love baking! As fun as it is, it's also not the healthiest for me and doesn't always leave me to feel the best. That's why I want to teach myself how to cook more gluten-free recipes instead of baking! That way I can make things with meat, rice, vegetables, and much more to get myself feeling better.

Get ready to cook and bake gluten-free on my own:
Since I'll be going to college this year and living on my own, I really want to learn hot to cook and bake gluten-free 100% on my own. I usually do ok but sometimes get the help from my mom who is great at baking. I might as well learn now so I'll be ready when the time comes to make my own food! But I think I'll be just fine :)

Be more cautious and vocal when dining out:
This is one thing I've been horrible at. I'm usually pretty good at letting waiters know that I can't have gluten, but I almost always end up getting glutened anyways. I know this is an issue so many deal with and an issue I definitely need to get better at. My biggest gluten-free resolution is to be more cautious with what I order at gluten-free restaurants as well as be more vocal about being gluten-free. I want to finally feel safe while dining out and I will strive to do so in 2015.

Other gluten-free resolutions you can set:
  • Cheat less!
  • Meet someone else who is gluten-free!
  • Be more open about my diet to others!
  • Work on reducing cross contamination in my house!
  • Try more gluten-free products!
  • Make something delicious that is gluten-free!
  • Come up with my own gluten-free recipe!

So, what's your first gluten-free resolutions? Feel free to come up with your own or pick from the list and share below!
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1 comment:

  1. 1. My GF resolution every year: don't give in to packaged GF foods that are made on shared equipment. It's too easy to keep thinking "It's OK", and that gluten will add up.

    2. Make sure to always bring something that feels special and delicious to me when going to a shared meal. (Recently attended an event where the only thing I could have eaten if I hadn't brought something were the carrot sticks.)

    3. Don't accept another dinner invite from the friend who turned out to be less than gracious when we arrived at their house for the meal. We'd talked about my allergies and intolerances ahead of time, but, wow, I sure didn't feel welcome in the long run.

    4. Encourage other celiacs and those with other food allergies. Share my 'special' food mags when I'm through with them, especially with newbies.

    5. Remember to thank and encourage Taylor for his website and example!