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I know for a while now many of Taylor’s followers have asked to hear from his mom or have asked what role I have played in Taylor’s pursuit of his blog and making a difference in the gluten-free community.  I thought a great way to kick off my efforts of supporting Taylor in providing new content for his blog is to give you a little glimpse behind the scenes of how things started, what we have gone through, and where we are now.

A Little About Me – Taylor’s Mom
Back in 2008, I learned that I had Celiac Disease and started living a gluten-free lifestyle.  I am sure that my story sounds a lot like many of yours out there.  I grew up with stomach problems my entire life along with many other debilitating symptoms like migraines and sinus infections.  I had a lot of problems with my stomach when I was close to Taylor’s age and even after being hospitalized for over a week I was told that I had IBS.  Starting in 2004 I started to have a lot more problems with my stomach and was also chronically fatigued.  I went from doctor to doctor and ended up in the ER more times than I can count.  I was told by my doctors that I had everything from hypoglycemia to possible lymphoma.  My discovery of having Celiac Disease came from a simple conversation that I had with a work colleague who was in remission from breast cancer and started seeing a holistic nutritionist.  One day I was complaining to her because I felt to terribly bad, so bad that I couldn’t function to the point where I could fall asleep standing up.  I told her that I really noticed the symptoms the night before when I was at a ball game and had a soft pretzel and beer.  She told me that what I had sounded like a gluten allergy.  My response was “what’s gluten?”  She briefly explained it to me and that’s when my research began.  I started a gluten-free diet and within two weeks I felt immensely better.  I realized that I had felt so bad for so long that I had no idea how bad I really felt.  I was a completely different person with so much more clarity and energy.  I quickly learned that gluten was the key instrument into my poor health and that the food that I was putting into my body was a direct correlation to how I feel every day.  I know … a very simple concept but something that took me a very long time to figure out.

Going Even Further Back
Taylor is by far the most important person in my life.  I got pregnant very young at the age of 18, and like most 18 year olds I was very scared.  I wasn’t sure if I could give Taylor the life that he deserved and had planned to give him up for adoption.  I had the adoptive parents picked out, had met them and had everything set up through an adoption attorney.  Until the day that I had him and held him.  I just knew inside me that I could not let him go and that if I did it would be the biggest mistake of my life.  The day that I decided to keep him was also the day that I knew I decided to take him out of a secure home that could provide everything that he needed.  That day I made a promise to myself to do everything in my power to be the very best parent I could be and to provide those things that I took away from Taylor and so much more.  There has not been a day that has gone by where I have felt that I have made the wrong decision.  Things have been very tough along the way and I know without a doubt that I not only made the right decision for Taylor but I made the right decision for me.   I have focused my parenting on teaching Taylor the lessons that I wish someone would have taught me as well as building a relationship of mutual respect between us.

There have been some major life lessons that I have worked hard to instill in Taylor to help him along the way including:
  • There is a consequence for every action – whether it be good or bad.
  • Perspective and attitude is everything.  You can choose what kind of day you are going to have by the way you view the world.
  • There are absolutely no limits on what you can do.  You are the only person who can set limits on yourself.
  • There is nothing wrong with making a mistake.  There is something wrong with making the same mistake twice.
  • Lead by Example.  The only way you can be a leader is to give something for someone to follow.

I can say that one of the greatest rewards of being a parent is to see Taylor grasp these things and apply them to his life.  Taylor is an exceptional kid who already had a foundation of sensibility, compassion, empathy and kindness.  Like all kids he is (was) a sponge that soaks up the world around him but unlike most kids he also has a strong desire to make a difference in the world.

I hope that with my additions to Taylor’s incredible content and perspective that I can add an additional voice that can be used as a resource for parents who are looking for a guide to help their child navigate through the world of gluten-free living.  Taylor and I will be working on some blog posts together where I will be writing tips on how to raise a gluten-free child where he will comment on how my tips have helped him through the years as well.  We feel that this will offer a unique perspective and hopefully great content that will help parents from not only the parent’s view but also the child’s.

In upcoming posts I will be writing on the following topics:
  • Empathy
  • Making Your Home a Gluten-Free Zone
  • The Power of Attitude
  • Planning Ahead and Being Prepared
  • Importance of Advocating for Your Child
  • The Power of Knowledge – Educating Yourself, your child and your family & friends
  • Lead by Example
  • The Evolution of Gluten-Free Living

I will also work on providing some great gluten-free recipes and products that we have come across along the way along with traditions for holidays and special occasions that have helped when transitioning into a gluten-free lifestyle.

If you have any questions or are looking for advice on situations with your child or have questions about raising a gluten-free child, feel free to contact me at  I am more than happy to help in any way that I can. ~Laura
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  1. Hooray for you Laura, and thank you for raising a young man who is such a bright light for so many.

  2. michelle from ohioJune 13, 2014 at 8:45 PM

    Hi Taylor's Mom Laura. Very nice blog post and look forward to future postings.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story! You have done a fabulous job with your son, you are inspiring! Looking forward to some of your findings and advice, maybe not just for celiac but patenting as well!

  4. Thank you so much for letting us into your world and raising a wonderful son. I hope that one day, I will be as great as a celiac mom as you are - and I will definitely be on the lookout for more of your tips! :D

  5. Inspiring story Laura, thanks. I was looking for GF candy bars and came across Taylor's blog post. Just what I was looking for. Thanks Taylor!!