My Recap Of The Gluten Free Living Conference 2014

This weekend I attended the Gluten-Free Living Conference and fortunately felt much better this time compared to the expo in St. Pete. I got to meet tons of bloggers as well as try many new gluten-free products I have not seen before. If you've been following me then you will see that I've gotten a lot of gluten-free products for me to share with you. In this post I'll be sharing with you all the people I met as well as the gluten-free giveaways I will be hosting soon. I'm giving away everything I got at the expo so look for a lot of stuff for you to have the chance to win!

Who I met and got to see again:
There were so many bloggers at this expo that I was not expecting to meet. I know that if I didn't go then I would of been very jealous! I got to meet all the people mentioned below:
  • Scott from GlutenDude
  • Jules from Jules Gluten Free
  • Andrew from Taste Guru
  • Alicia from Celiac Central
  • Chrissy from Glam Without Gluten
  • Kathleen from Celiac Baby
  • Alexis from GF in Orlando
  • Joe from GF Joe
  • Michael from GfreePhilly
  • Amy from the Healthy Apple
  • Amy L from The Savvy Celiac
  • Andrea from Rocking GF Gal
  • Sarah from GFDFWDW
  • Jennifer from Go To Guide
  • Amy R from Gluten Free Living Magazine

There were a lot of other people I got to meet while I was there and I felt very happy to be in a place where people knew me and understood my health conditions. It was great to be able to connect with a lot of the bloggers from the gluten-free community as well as many others in person. All the people who worked the booths at the expo were very awesome to talk too as well and I definitely enjoyed being apart of this event. This was the biggest expo I've gone to so far and I'm hopeful I can go to many more in the future to meet more of you.

Best quotes from the speakers:

How much gluten is too much for celiacs? - Dr. Fasano 

"We are not born celiacs but rather with the genetic predisposition."   Dr. Fasano

Don't give up on cooking and don't give up on going out to eat!  – Lagasse Girls

If you're still not feeling well on a strict gluten-free diet then you should go back to your physician to test for other issues.  – Pam King

“The risk of developing celiac is higher if delivered by c-section.  Dr. Fasano

“There is currently no validated test to check for gluten sensitivity.”   Dr. Fasano

“Around 10,000 years ago, ancestors began ingesting gluten; we as a species weren't able to digest gluten” Dr. Fasano

Great Gluten-Free products to look out for in the future!

Yes, these are gluten-free Kit Kats! :o

 Gluten-free mixes 'From Anna' free of many allergens!

New gluten-free Ciabatta Rolls from Rudi's!

Gluten-free protein bars and products from 22 Days!

New travel sized natural peanut butter from Earth Balance!

Amazing gluten-free raw and vegan desserts from Chunkie Dunkies!

I'm probably late on these but you have to try Schar's gluten-free graham crackers if you haven't yet!

Giveaways coming soon:

I'll be working on some giveaways to come later this week and next week as well. I hope you enjoyed my recap of the Gluten-Free Living Conference and I hope to meet more of you in the future! I had a great time at this expo and I can't wait to share all these products with you. Stay updated throughout the week to see how you can win some of these products soon! Check out my first giveaway, here!

What products are you looking forward to most? Will you be at any gluten-free expos this year? Comment below!
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  1. We were thrilled to have you at the conference and admire your determination to get there! The gluten-free community needs young people like you.
    Glad you are feeling a bit a better, too!

  2. The enjoys are wonderful. Someone is going to be very lucky to have them.
    I had a great time at the conference and learn so much. I can't wait for another one.
    I was glad to see you there.

  3. I love your report and you are terrific. I was sad to miss the conference but let's follow each other on twitter. @amylevypr

  4. It was awesome to meet you Taylor. Keep doing what you're doing. We need voices like yours. See you next time.

  5. Did not make the cinference but I am opened to hearing about new gluten free products

  6. Hi I'm new here on this blog I reside in p.r. would love to b in ur expos meetings any suggestions?