The St. Pete Gluten Free For Life Expo (Recap)

Last weekend, Saturday March 22nd, I got to take part in the Gluten-Free For Life Expo in Saint Petersburg, Florida! The expo was actually right down the street from me and I got to meet a lot of people! Some people I knew through my blog and others I met for the first time. Either way it was a great turn out working at the gluten-free teens table. I worked at expo for about 10 hours so of course I was exhausted after all that time. Check out more from the expo below and what awesome blogger I finally got to meet!

What I did at the expo:
At this expo I mainly ran the gluten-free teens table and gave away many gluten-free products in exchange for money donations for a gluten-free kids camp. I had a lot of fun running the booth and meeting many people I haven't met before. It was great to see a lot of smiling faces and see people so happy to be attending such a great expo. This expo is one of my favorites and is always really well done. If you're ever in Florida and plan on going to a gluten-free expo, then I would really recommend going to this one. Hopefully I can see you there next year!

Who I met at the expo:
I met many people at the expo but the person I was most excited to meet was Jennifer Fugo of Gluten Free School. We've been talking for so long and have been looking forward to meeting each other at this expo for a very long time. Getting to meet another gluten-free blogger like Jennifer was an awesome experience and I really enjoyed getting to talk to her in person. She did a great job speaking as well and had a lot of helpful tips to give me which hopefully will help me out in the future. I also got to see Sarah again from GFDFWDW. It was great to talk to Sarah again and keep in touch with another gluten-free advocate in the Florida area. 

Future expos:
I may not be attending any more gluten-free expos any time soon due to money expenses and how expensive it is to fly. However, I should be going to most gluten-free expos within the Florida area this year. I'm going to be at the Gluten Free Living Conference on April 4th-6th which I know should be helpful. If you're going to be there then I would really look forward to meeting you whether you're a blogger or someone just living the gluten-free lifestyle. I really hope to have my girlfriend, Breann, come with me as well since she is such an important part of my life and someone I've introduced through my blog. Maybe you will see us both at more expos in the future but for right now I'll be blogging. I hope to see more of you soon!

Will you be at any gluten-free expos this year? If so, which ones? Comment below!
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  1. Megan had a good time working with you at the Teens Table last Saturday. We will be at the Gluten Free Living Conference in Orlando so we will see you there!
    April, John & Megan Powers