There's Better Times For Resolutions Than New Years

Each year most of us make a new year's resolution. It can be to lose weight, eat better, be happier, or really whatever! Most times it's along the lines of wanting to make ourselves a better person for our own needs. One thing I've never understood though is why do we wait until January 1st. each year to make these decisions? There's a lot of points in our life where I'm sure we want change. Even I have gone through a lot of points where I want change as well. But just because I want change then doesn't mean I'm going to wait until January 1st to begin working at it! If you want change now then work on your change now! In this post I'll share a little about how you can work on your resolutions and how they don't have to be made just on January 1st.

Setting realistic and specific resolutions:
Everyone always says they need to set realistic resolutions. For weight, people say they to start off small and then lose big. Maybe for cutting down time on electronics, people stick to it for a month then forget about it the rest of the year. So if you're going to set a resolution, make it realistic and specific! I could tell myself I'm going to use my computer less but I know months down the road I'm going to forget about it like every year. You could make your resolution as simple as:
  1. For Weight: Walk outside for 20 minutes 3 times a week.
  2. For Mood: Take time each day to reflect on yourself and be grateful for the little things you have!
  3. For better mental health: Try not to over think little things to much...just let hings happen!
  4. For better baking: Take the time to make 1 gluten-free recipe a week. Practice makes perfect!
  5. For being gluten-free: Take the time each day to realize you can treat your symptoms with what you eat!

Try setting resolutions that benefit others...not just yourself:
It seems like nearly every resolution is set on ourselves. We focus so much on trying to change things in our lives about ourselves but not so much to benefit others. If we try setting resolutions to benefit others it will in turn benefit us as well. Some of these resolutions can be as simple as:
  1. Be more positive and honest with yourself. If you're more positive about your situation each day it will help make other people's day too!
  2. Do 1 kind act a day! It can be as simple as sending a nice text to someone or just donating a small amount of money to charity.
  3. Show your appreciation and be more thankful for the small things people do around you. Even just saying thank you with a smile and making eye contact can make a difference!

Who says you should wait to set your resolutions:
Each year on January 1st. almost everyone seems to set a resolution. I do it too and I'm sure so do you! But what I never understood is why do you have to wait till January 1st. to set a resolution that most of us never stick too? If you're at a point in your life where you feel unhappy about some aspect of your life, then change it! When I was 13 and feeling like crap every day, I didn't wait until January 1st. to try and get better. I made a change right then to work at getting better because I needed the change now! If there's something you want to change in your life then make the change now. Waiting is only giving yourself an excuse to hold off doing something you don't think you're prepared to do in the future. So, with the 2014 year under way, you may have set resolutions now that you are working on day to day. But if you go a couple months down the road and want change, don't wait to make a change in your life! A date shouldn't decide whether you're going to make a decision or not, you should. You're the one in control and you're the only one making the decision by the end of the day.

What change do you want to make to your life this year? Share below!
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  1. I need to be more grateful and positive! Thank you for writing this awesome blog and sharing your life with us! You, at such a young age, are an inspiration! Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you, I really appreciate it! Hope you enjoy my blog over the new 2014 year!