Me On The Gfree And Happy Show! (12/16/2013)

On December 16th I was on Kathy Nelson's Gfree and Happy Show! I've already been on the show 2 times in the past discussing my health and what gluten-free products I enjoy as a teenager. But this time I was on the show discussing something a little different I've been working on. Recently I came out with my first gluten-free holiday cook book as well as some gluten-free gift baskets for the holidays! On this show I shared all the new things I've been working on for the holidays as well as a few things I plan on sharing soon. You can watch the video above as well as learn more about the baskets I talked about through the links below!

Gift Baskets!
The gift baskets I shared can arrive at your doorstep before Christmas if bought before the 20th! Make sure you buy them soon if you want them before Christmas! There are 4 different types of baskets available for kids and adults. There are also stocking stuffers as well for a much cheaper price if you need that too. Click Here to learn more about the baskets!


My cookbook is also something I shared that can be bough both digitally or as a printed copy for a very low price. It features 24 gluten and dairy free recipes all created by me as a teenager! They are very easy to do and great for the holidays as well if you need some recipes to use. Click Here to learn more about my cookbook!

Thanks to Kathy for featuring me on her show and I hope you enjoyed watching me! I had a lot of fun!
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