How To Recover From A Gluten Reaction Quickly

Being on a gluten free diet and accidentally eating gluten or in other words getting glutened, is something you dread and want to get rid of as soon as possible. That's why I created a list of all the natural things you can take, buy, and do to get back on track as quick as possible. One of the easiest and best ways to recover from being glutened is to flush it out of you system. Try each thing on this list if you want and I'm sure at least one of them will be bound to work!

What to do:
  • Drink lots of COLD water! (Cold water digests faster, anything less causes bloating and indigestion)
  • Get Vitamin-C! (Restores immune system and overall internal health)
  • Get natural anti-oxidants! (Helps fight off any other illnesses that come along with reaction) 
  • Take cleansing pills if necessary. (Can cleanse the colon faster to get the gluten out)
  • Sleep and rest! (Your body is already under enough stress..the last thing it needs is to be under more)

Best thing to eat/drink to help recover:
  • Any berries (They are very high in anti-oxidants and can help you recover)
  • Citrus fruits (Very high in Vitamin C to help you recover)
  • Bolthouse Farms Juices (All juices are naturally gluten free and are very high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants)
  • Take Tummy Drops (Made of ginger to help relieve stomach pain and discomfort when getting glutened)
  • Take Airborne (Has 13 vitamins plus 3000% your daily value of vitamin C!)

Best pills or cleansers to help recover:

Your probably thinking, "wow these pills are expensive" or wondering, "does it actually work and is it worth the money?" I know these are all things I thought about when I first saw these products and their price. But if it meant a faster way to get better and stay better then I was going to try it. I have tried all these and used them before. They can be worth the money and effort if you want to get better quickly but may not work for everyone. Some people may not notice an immediate difference with these pills, and some people may not notice a change at all. These pills are not meant to allow you to eat gluten, but they are meant to help you recover faster after you have been glutened. All these things have worked for me and I hope they work for you too! Good luck and if you have anymore tips that work for you, feel free to share! Also check out my video of helpful tips to help you recover as well.

What are your best tips to help you recover quickly after you've been glutened?
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  1. Doing this right now actually. Made a smoothie of apple and greens, took GlutenEase, drank coffee (to move things along...) and going for a walk.

  2. I take apple cider vinegar. I either take a tablespoon diluted with a splash of water or if I am away I carry apple cider vinegar tablets and take 4 or 5 of them (they don't work as quickly). I sometimes take a NaturBio liquid called grain and wheat.

  3. Airborne really helps me. If I feel a gluten reaction, I sometimes take two a day.

  4. Coconut water helps me with nausea. Ginger tea helps too.

  5. Cold water is actually harder on your digestive system, and somewhat shocking to your stomach. But I'm curious where you heard that it was gentler!

    Love the personal experience you share. Have you done fresh ginger/turmeric tea? Heals heaps, and beats imflammation to a pulp

    1. Cold water works well for me to sooth. Not ice cold, but in the 40 F area. I was wondering where you heard it was harsh on your digestive system? Berries also are helpful.

  6. I drink mint water, it helps calm your stomach and eases digestion. Love love love Metro Mint water! :)
    I also follow the brat diet for a few days, lots of bananas & rice!

  7. Peppermint oil, papaya enzymes, and ginger in addition to what you said! I also have a soda stream so I can carbonate water with some lemon juice in it. It's helped ease stomach pain and gas.

  8. Wondering how Epsom salt water would effect... Thanks for all!

  9. Thank you all! Wondering how Epsom salts would work as far as drinking then withb water

  10. Essential oils, fresh juices helped tremendously!

  11. Organic Apple cider vinegar with the mother !!!
    It's a life saver

  12. I take apple cider vinegar. I either take a tablespoon diluted.

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  14. Thank you the apple cider vinegar really helped.

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