What The Heck? Wednesday #17 (Activated Charcoal)

Activated charcoal is something that a lot of you may or may not know about. It essentially helps you get over a reaction to gluten much quicker and helps with getting glutened overall! But a lot of you may not know when to take it, if there are any side effects, or if there are any dangers while taking it as well. In this video I explain all you need to know about it as well as share some key points below.

Key points about activated charcoal:
  • Try taking activated charcoal within 1-2 hours of getting glutened for a greater effect.
  • Activated charcoal may help by binding with the offending food and preventing it from being absorbed by the body.  
  • Similar to digestive enzymes, activated charcoal will not necessarily prevent internal damage caused by gluten.  
  • It is not meant to relieve any pain or discomfort, however it will potentially help you flush the gluten out quicker.
  • Most activated charcoal tablets do contain rice flour so be aware if you are avoiding rice.
  • Activated charcoal can bind with medications, so consult with your doctor before you taking it if you are under treatment for any disease or condition.
  • Some have mentioned gluten being in Activated Charcoal tablets. I have not found any with gluten but always check labels! 

Hopefully this was helpful to you! If you have any questions comment below! You can purchase activated charcoal, Here!
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  1. Thank you for doing this post! It has been the most helpful for information on Active Charcoal. I was told to try it by a fellow Celiac, and after taking it, I wasn't sure what it did, if it did anything! I went back to my Tums /Milk of Magnesia/ Water treatment I normally use.

  2. I have tried it when I have ate something that has hurt my stomach and it does work or if I am feeling sick I take it tooo

  3. This has been a very effective remedy for a number of tummy troubles. My grandmother was a nurse and cured a bleeding ulcer I had been diagnosed with feeding me yogurt, activated charcoal and baby food! Thanks fir your post, I never thought to use it for celiac symptoms!

  4. I bought some activated charcoal and have done some research on it about what it does after taking the pill. Upon research, many people said it made them better but only by making them vomit and giving them diahhrea. Is this true?

  5. If you take excessive amounts or high doses of it then I think that can happen. If you take small amounts though it can be very helpful but also possibly cause diarrhea. I haven't had much problems with it but I think it depends on the person and how sensitive their stomach is!