Gluten Free Labels Review

Everyone that gets diagnosed with Celiac Disease or suddenly goes gluten-free always has to change there diet and lifestyle as soon as possible. But one thing that you may not be able to change if your living with someone else is their diet too. There's probably been times where you would get glutenous foods and gluten-free foods mixed up without really knowing it. You could always got the sharpie or pen route and just write "gluten-free" on all you food, but who wants to really do that? These awesome Gluten-free Labels are an easy way to label your food in a way where you can easily know which food is which and never have to worry about accidentally getting glutened again!

What the Gluten-free Label is:
Really, the gluten-free labels are pretty self explanatory. If you have a container, product, or cooking utensil that is gluten-free and you want to make yourself and everyone aware that it's gluten-free, just put a sticker on it! These stickers are great for the kitchen or for the fridge if you live with someone else that is not gluten-free. But if you think that stickers are the only type of label you can get to label your food, there's much more! There are stickers, silicon tags, and these new toothpick flags which you can actually stick right on top of any food. These awesome labels are great for any type of person that avoids gluten and is great because it can be used for more than one person.

Labels and Ideas:

Gluten-free stickers - What I use these gluten-free stickers for is to label my containers or utensils  But, I know they can be used for much more! My ideas are..
  • Label your kids lunchbox
  • Label dressing bottles
  • Label containers you have food in at work
  • Label utensils like your toaster, blender, or some pots
  • Label products that look similar to gluten containing products

Gluten-free Silicon Tags - I found this tag was best used for putting on the frying pans you cook with. I'm always making eggs or something on the stove, so labeling my pans in a clear way is huge for me! My ideas are..
  • To put on your frying pans
  • To put on any pots you cook with
  • To put on a lunch box if you can

Gluten-free Tooth Pick Flags - What I would use these for would be to stick in any gluten-free recipe I may make to have or share at a party. Some ideas are..
  • To put in a treat at a gluten food filled party
  • To put on a recipe you made and can't label with a sticker
  • To put in dishes you may be serving on a holiday

Why It's useful:
They pretty much can be used for almost any situation! If you are having a party and want to label what foods are gluten-free to prevent cross contamination, you can do that! Cross contamination is one of the hardest things to have to deal with, and I luckily live in a gluten-free household. But for those families that do have some food that's gluten-free in the fridge and some that's not, do you really want to take the risk of getting sick? Sure you could use a sharpie and write it which still isn't clear enough. Or you could use these labels that clearly show that whatever you put it on is gluten-free and know you'll be safe.

My Opinion:
I personally have had a couple times where I've gotten glutened from dressings in my fridge that I did not know contained gluten. I hate getting sick from something when you pretty much are doing everything you can do right. So I can only imagine for a mom or family that has kids that making sure that cross contamination isn't an issue ever again would matter most. I really love this product and truly think that it's something every household with someone that has Celiac Disease should have. I hope that theses awesome gluten-free labels can be something that helps you and I thank Kelly for being the awesome person to provide something like this to the gluten-free community.

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