The Delight Gluten Free Cookbook Review And Giveaway!

As a teenager, I usually don't spend much time cooking. Don't get me wrong, cooking and baking is one of my favorite things to do when I have the time for it. But the thing is I usually don't have time for it at all! A majority of my recipes I post are so quick and easy that even a teen can do it. So when it comes to making recipes from a gluten-free cookbook, I generally tend to stay away. That was until I received this Delight Gluten Free Cookbook from Delight Magazine! I was surprised to see that a lot of the recipes didn't need many ingredients and were actually pretty simple to make! I decided to make the recipe that's right on the cover because who wouldn't after seeing that? I definitely was not disappointed at all and I believe a lot of the recipes in here are ones you have to try for yourself too. Check out my review below to see what I made and make sure to enter my giveaway as well for a chance to get a copy of your own!

Type of recipes included:
The Delight Gluten Free Cookbook has 150 different recipes all with super easy instructions and colorful pictures. I was surprised at the variety of recipes there were going from side dishes and dinners, to desserts and cocktails! Here are the categories of great recipes to choose from:
  • Gluten-Free Made Easy
  • Breads and Baked Goods
  • Soups and Salads
  • Snacks
  • Vegetables and Side Dishes
  • Main Dishes
  • Desserts
  • Cocktails
What I made from The Delight Cookbook:
When I first got the cookbook I was trying to decide which recipe I wanted to make out of all 150 to choose from. There were so many options but I immediately knew I wanted to go with a dessert. The recipe on the cover already grabbed my attention and it looked very easy too! I decided to make Gluten-Free Nut Butter Sandwich cookies and they turned out AMAZING. 

They were surprisingly very easy to make and tasted just as good as what I thought they would be. I decided to top it off with So Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream as well and it made it way better. Even though I haven't tried many recipes from the cookbook, this would be one I would really recommend to anyone.

My favorite things about it:
  • One of my favorite things about The Delight Cookbook that surprised me was the amount of very informative information for a gluten-free newbie. There were lists of all the ingredients you should avoid as well as controversial ingredients that are safe. The cookbook provided more than just recipes, but very helpful information too, which I find awesome.

  • Most of the recipes don't need crazy ingredients like we all hate. The recipes are actually all pretty simple which is of course something I love.

  • The pictures are HUGE and colorful giving you an idea of what you'll be making.

  • The directions are very simple and you can tell they are written to help those who may be new to gluten-free.

  • Lastly, there's lots of recipes for more than just dessert. I promote easy dessert recipes often, but I actually eat mostly natural every day. The Delight Cookbook has a lot of natural and gluten-free recipes that are amazing and can give you a change of pace around meal time.

Enter the giveaway below for your chance to get a free copy!

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