Allergy Awareness Restaurant Cards Giveaway

This post will be short and simple since a majority of what you need to do is over at! Cindy from Vegetarian Mama is celebrating her 5 year blogging anniversary! I'm extremely happy and excited for her and I can't wait to get my blog to that point as well. To celebrate her 5 year blogging anniversary, Cindy is doing a giveaway every day this month! I happily got to take part in this giveaway as I am giving away some of my Allergy Awareness Restaurant Cards! These cards are meant to make dining out while being gluten-free or with any allergy easier! A lot of people have had great success with them saying that they make explaining their allergies to waiters much simpler. To enter this giveaway to win some I Am...Cards, go to visit Vegetarian Mama through this link! Happy 5 year blogging anniversary to Cindy and good luck in the raffle! Click here to learn more about these cards!
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