The Top 3 Best Gluten Free Twizzler Substitutions (With Support From ContentChecked)

With Support from ContentChecked
Since going gluten-free, I'm sure there's many foods you've grown to miss. You may have trouble finding the right alternative or you don't find a good alternative at all! With my new "Gluten Free Substitutions" posts, I hope to make that better by sharing with you all the best gluten-free recipes and products to replace the foods you once missed. Some products have easy gluten-free substitutions you can find with the help of the ContentChecked app. While other products don't have any alternatives at all and may need a little more help to make. That's why I'm kicking off this campaign with a substitution for one of the most missed foods in the gluten-free community...Twizzlers.

Make your own gluten-free Twizzlers:
When looking for gluten-free Twizzler recipes to create on my own, I found a few that looked good, but I'll have to admit they looked like a lot of work. Here are 2 gluten-free Twizzler recipes to give a try but I might recommend the products below for a much easier substitution.

Gluten Free Red Licorice Recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring

Raw Gluten Free Strawberry Twizzlers from Nouveau Raw

Find a brand that's similar:
The best brand I found that was somewhat similar to Twizzlers was from Clif. They have Gluten-Free Fruit Ropes which don't taste exactly like Twizzlers. But they can be a great substitution for Twizzler to replace them and make you feel happy again.

About the ContentChecked App:

Like Twizzlers, there are tons of foods out there contain gluten that you probably miss. The ContentChecked App is a great way to find substitutions for food for any allergies you have! Simply scan any product, and it will tell you if it's safe to eat or not based on your allergies. If it's not, then the app will find a substitution for you that's safe to try! This app is available on both the Apple and Google Play store.

Check out the ContentChecked App to shop safely with your allergies and to find substitutions for foods you once missed!
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  1. you can also just get Candy Tree gluten free licorice twists - Strawberry, Raspberry or Cherry - black too.

    Also, they do shoelaces as well,

  2. Candy Tree item is "only" $38! Also GF is Gimbals Licorice Scottie Dogs. Not cheap, but $17 for 2 pounds -- a bit less than the others. Amazon has them:

  3. The $38.00 is for a WHOLE CASE on Amazon, you can get them by the piece from iHerb or Vitacost for less than $3.00.

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