What The Heck? Wednesday #14 (Oats)

Oats is a big one that many people don't know about at first or don't pUt much thought too. Whether you have Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance, I help explain in the video all you need to know about whether oats are something you should avoid or not. I'll also put some links below to some sources for more info on oats if it would be helpful as well.

Main points about oats:
  • If the oats are not labeled gluten-free then they are not safe almost 100% of the time!
  • Some people with Celiac Disease react to oats the same way they do to gluten but it is a small percentage.
  • The main source of gluten with normal oats is cross contamination so be careful!
  • Test gluten-free oats out to see if you react or not. If you still feel like you are getting glutened day to day and oats are a part of your diet, oats may be why.

Do your react to oats or are they something you've been able to tolerate? I know everyone is different so comment below!
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