September 15, 2014

10 Gluten Free Bloggers That You Need To Follow!

I've been blogging for just over 2 years now and have connected with so many great bloggers! Even though I'm a blogger doesn't mean I don't take part in reading other's blogs. As a teenager I'm usually pretty selective of what I find interesting and who I enjoy to read from. I haven't been as engaged with blogging lately since I've been very busy with school, my senior year, etc. So if you ever feel like venturing out to some other blogs, here's a list of my top 10 favorite gluten-free bloggers that I read and that you should follow too!

Gluten-Free School - Jennifer has always had amazing information on being gluten-free that you have to check out. Most of us deal with more than just going gluten-free and her blog has amazing tips / info to help in various topics.

Celiac and the Beast - Erica's blog has always been one of my favorites because she shares real, funny, and down to earth content that you can relate too. If you're ever wanting a laugh check out her CATB book too!

Vegetarian Mama - Cindy has great gluten-free recipe round ups every Friday and always provides super easy recipes. I've made quite a few of them and she also has some great reviews of products as well! Definitely check out her blog!

Raising Jack With Celiac - Kelly's blog is another one of my favorites as she shares great tips and info about how to raise a kid who is gluten-free. Her son, Jack, was diagnosed with celiac at age 2 along with her husband. She's a great resource for anyone who's gluten-free and has a great story to follow as well.

GlutenDude - If you've been gluten-free for a while and you don't know GlutenDude, you may live under a rock. He always shares the biggest news in the gluten-free community and won't be afraid to step up for those in our community who get bashed as well. Check his blog out and you'll find tons of great posts.

Eat Without Gluten - Sema started her blog just over a year ago but she's a teenager like me! She has great reviews and great content from the perspective of another teenager that makes it a change of pace to read.

Gluten Free Globetrotter - Erin is the one person I know who's been gluten-free the longest. It's amazing to hear from her how much the gluten-free world has changed over the last 32 years! Her blog provides great tips for traveling as well as a positive outlook on being gluten-free.

Gluten Libre - Brian and Kathleen do gluten-free like no other. Smashmouth awareness is definitely something we need in the gluten-free world and they're great at it. They have tons of great gluten-free athletes, artists, and real world heroes to follow. Definitely one of my favorite blogs.

Gluten Free Gal - Kirsten always shares the most diverse content in the gluten-free community. There's so much information she's open my eyes to and helped me with. Her blog is great at bringing awareness to specific topics that you may be dealing with besides just being gluten-free.

I'm a Celiac - Pam's blog has been one of my favorites for a while too. Her easy, gluten-free, comfort type foods are by far my favorite recipes she shares. Easy recipes are always my favorite and she has some of the best gluten-free recipes I've found around on the web.

Which gluten-free blog is your favorite? Comment below!


  1. Thank you for including me!

  2. That's a great list! I found a few new blogs to check out. I'm also a fan of the Keely McGuire Blog but I know a lot of it is focused to parents with kids (which totally works for me).

  3. Gluten Free RV is a newer blog that also has a lot of good information, not only about Celiac and gluten-free cooking, but also about trying to eat safely on the road.

  4. Thanks Taylor. Seriously great list. Add yourself to the list and it will be complete!

  5. SIMPLY GLUTEN FREE should be on your list! :)

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