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March 13, 2015

Check Out Gluten Free Frenzy's Top 8 Favorite Gluten Free Products!

Last month, I had Erica Dermer from Celiac and the Beast share her top 8 gluten-free products for you to receive in a kit. This month, I'm happy to announce that Chandice Probst from Gluten Free Frenzy will be sharing her top 8 gluten-free products as well! I'll have to admit that a lot of the products she chose are my favorite too. The best part is that you can receive all these products in a kit to be delivered right to your door step. Just go to to get your kit and don't forget to check out Chandice's awesome blog,, for great gluten-free giveaways as well!

What's in Chandice's Top 8 Gluten Free Products Kit:
  • Canyon Bakehouse Free Product Coupon
  • Beanfield's Ranch Bean & Rice Chips
  • Pamela's Products Mission Figgies & Jammies (sample size)
  • KIND Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Bar
  • So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Milk
  • Pamela's Products Baking and Pancake Mix
  • Kahn's Kitchen Cinnamon & Raisin Granola (Sample Size - Nut & Oat Free)
  • Surf Sweet Gummy Bears (Sample Size)

About the Gluten Free Frenzy blog:
Chandice Probst is the awesome blogger behind the Gluten Free Frenzy blog and a mother of 3. On her blog, she share amazing gluten-free products and giveaways that are free to enter! She always features the best gluten-free products and is by far one of the best places you can go to if you're looking for something new to try in the gluten-free world. Make sure to check out her blog,, for all the great info and giveaways!

You can get blogger's favorite gluten-free products in a kit every month! Go to for more!


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