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February 17, 2015

My Gluten Free Valentine's Day Weekend With My Girlfriend

This weekend I got to celebrate Valentine's Day with my girlfriend who I had not seen for 6 months. Not seeing each other for that long of a time definitely made the weekend more special, and it definitely made the time together something to remember. Here is a little bit from the great weekend I got to spend with my lovely girlfriend, Breann, and a little bit about our story together too!

Dairy Free Chocolate I got from Premium Chocolatiers!
Me holding the presents I got Breann!

Us before our Date!
Goofing around how we usually do!

Me anxiously waiting for my food!
GF Chang's Spicy Chicken (which is my favorite)

Us and my dog Tucker! (Who does not look happy)
At TCBY with Dairy Free Ice Cream!

If you don't know much about our story, I can share a little below! 2 years ago, Breann and I met through my blog at the age of 15. We knew we didn't live in the same state, we knew we both had Celiac Disease and POTS in common, but after talking for so long, we realized we had so much more in common besides our health and couldn't deny what was there. Dealing with any illness at any age is hard for anyone but having to deal with it at our age is even harder. After talking for a while we decided txo start dating in April of 2013 and 2 years we are! Sadly, we've had to do a long distance relationship the entire time but I wouldn't trade it for any relationship in the world. Our relationship is different but it has allowed us to build a relationship unlike any other. I've always felt like an outcast with people my age so it's pretty amazing to have someone in my life who understands what I've gone through, but to also have someone who I can call my best friend, too. (For our full story about how we deal with our illnesses as a teenagers, Click Here!)

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day weekend! I had the most amazing time with my girlfriend and I'd be happy to hear about your gluten-free Valentine's Day too. I'll be going to college this year so look out for more personal posts like these, soon!

How did you spend your Valentine's Day? Did you enjoy anything special that was gluten-free? Comment below!


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