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November 30, 2014

What's New With The GlutenAway Online Expo (December 1st - 7th)

The GlutenAway Online Expo is here once again with lots of new changes for the holidays! Since Christmas is coming up, it can be hard to prepare for the holidays when it comes to food or giving gluten-free gifts. Luckily, we have you covered with our new gluten-free gift sets available! From December 1st through 7th, the GlutenAway Online Expo will be open and free for attendees to visit. It's all online and it's FREE! You'll get special access to huge gluten-free giveaways, discounts, product samples, and much more all from the comfort of home. Who would want to go out in the cold anyways? Check out the GlutenAway Online expo at and don't miss out!

What's New:
We have a few new things we added to this expo that I'm very excited about. New gluten-free gift sets and stocking stuffers will be available to purchase for the holidays! We have some amazing gluten-free companies and products involved which will allow you to get all the best gluten-free products in one place.

We also have hundreds of new gluten-free samples to choose from as well as Top 8 allergen free kits. The sample kits and gift sets will be the biggest addition to the expo this time around. We also have lots of great new companies to look at from gluten-free apps to help you grocery shop safely, to gluten-free flours and mixes to help you bake for the holidays. Check these gift sets out here!

Featured Sponsors:

  • INBalance Health Corp has some amazing allergen free bars I just tried lately! Without a doubt my new favorite products! 
  • So Delicious honestly makes me not even miss dairy anymore. Their ice-cream is amazing and a lot of their new Fall products are amazing too. 
  • Brothers-All-Natural has the perfect healthy and gluten-free snacks for kids. Make sure to check out all their fruit and apple chips which make a great healthy alternative!
  • Kember's Gluten Free has some great gluten-free flours and mixes that only need a few ingredients added! Check out all their mixes and how they're free of most allergens!
  • SOYJOY has some amazing gluten-free bars made from whole non GMO soy. There are 7 great gluten-free flavors to choose from!
  • Gluten Free & More Magazine has been one of my favorite gluten-free magazines to read. The content is great and super helpful! Also, there's always some pretty great recipes in there as well. 

Discounts and giveaways:
Every single booth at the online expo has a huge giveaway for you to enter for free. They are all valued at around $50 but some of them go all the way up to $200. Make sure you enter each giveaway for your chance to win! We also have nearly every company doing a discount code for the time of the expo which will allow you to get a percentage off your online purchase or a special gift! Check out every booth at the expo over the 7 day span so you don't miss out! Click Here for discounts!

Gluten Free Gift Sets:
The gluten-free gift sets will be the biggest addition I'm most excited about! They include some of the best gluten-free products from companies involved in our expo. You can order your pre-made gluten-free gift sets which are put in a special holiday box to be delivered right to your door. There will be tons to choose from which will make them perfect for the holidays for those who are gluten-free.

There will also be gluten-free stocking stuffers available as well! It's always hard to find the right goodies to put in your kid's stocking each year, especially when they are gluten-free. That's why we created the perfect stocking stuffer kits to make it much easier for you! They include all stocking sized gluten-free products to be delivered right to your door so you don't have to spend a bunch of time shopping around for the holidays. Click here for gift sets and samples!

As apart of the kickoff for the GlutenAway Online Expo, I'll be hosting a major giveaway once again! This giveaway will include tons of products from all the companies involved and will be valued at $200! Just enter below and you'll be automatically pre-registered for the expo as well for free!

I hope you all can attend the expo at! What are you looking forward to most?


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