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September 23, 2014

What's Coming To The GlutenAway Online Expo (October 13th - 19th)

This July, we hosted the first ever gluten-free online expo. We didn't know what to expect from it, what the outcome would be, if it would turn out well. Of course we knew we were going to get some complaints to work out along the way but we couldn't believe how big of a success it would be. We ended up having over 10,000+ people attend while sending out over 10,000+ gluten-free samples as well! This October we are excited to announce a 2nd Fall themed GlutenAway Online Expo. There will be tons of new things added on including double the samples, free online seminars, bigger companies, and mobile optimization so you can access the expo from anywhere! Check out all the new things being added to the expo this fall and make sure to pre-register as well on!

What's new for the GlutenAway Online Expo:

Biggest companies apart of the Fall Expo:
We are very excited to announce some great new companies signed on for the Fall expo. Our biggest goal was to share products and info to you that will help you out the most during Halloween and of course Thanksgiving. Some new companies you will be seeing at this Fall expo include:
  • Enjoy Life
  • Canyon Bakehouse
  • Surf Sweets
  • Pamela's Products
  • Gluten-Free Mama
  • San-J
  • So Delicious
  • Big Tree Farms

Free online seminars:
One of my biggest goals with the online expo is to not only make it about sharing gluten-free products, but to also make it about sharing great information on being gluten-free as well. Going gluten-free is a lifestyle change and it's hard for everyone at some point. That's why we decided to add free new online seminars to share tips on being gluten-free covering all sorts of topics. These speakers and topics include:

  • Erica Dermer (Celiac and the Beast): Erica will be sharing great beginners information on being gluten-free. She will share lots of tips to make the transition easier while also discussing relatable topics to help we all go through with this life style change.
  • Jennifer Fugo (Gluten-Free School): Jennifer will be discussing how to go gluten-free on a budget. Her online seminar will include simple tips that can save you up to $5,500 a year on healthy, gluten-free food! All the information she will share will be very useful to anyone looking to save money while eating gluten-free.

Double the samples (you pick and choose):
One of the biggest things we realized we needed to change was the product samples. Starting out as 2 people, you could imagine that shipping out 10,000+ product samples is a lot of work! But for this expo we wanted to make it easier on you. For this online expo we will be allowing you to pick and choose whichever gluten-free samples you want to then have delivered right to your door! All of this will be at the cost of 1 sample pass for normal size samples. While if you can get a premium sample pass, you will receive full sized products to have delivered to your door as well. The price of this will essentially replace the cost of a normal expo ticket and make your online expo experience a lot more user friendly.

Other added new features include:
  • Product samples available to Canada as well as the U.S.
  • The expo will be functioning on all mobile tablets and devices
  • Improved online booth layout
  • Detailed information about allergens and PPM in products
  • Premium product sample pass for full sized products
  • Most products will be fall themed for Halloween and Thanksgiving

GlutenAway Online Expo: October 13th-19th

Pre-Register for the GlutenAway Online Expo for free and enter this giveaway below!

Go to for more info and comment below if you have any questions! 


Jeanne Allie said...

Thanks, Taylor. I like the idea of our being able to choose which items go into our sample packs; I'm sure I'm not the only one with multiple food allergies + celiac. I usually can't use everything that's in a GF package of goodies. Jeanne

LIsa Sherrington said...

thank you Taylor, good job on all your sites! Gluten Free Famiily here ~ always learning though!

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