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April 14, 2014

Happy To Celebrate 1 Year Together With My Girlfriend

Over the last year a lot of changes have taken place with my blog and my life. I've met a lot of people, connected and made a lot of friends, and helped more people than I could ever wish for. Some of you may know about my girlfriend Breann since I kind of brag about her a lot. But you probably don't know that we actually met through my blog! It's officially been 1 year since we first started dating and I'm incredibly happy to share with you a little more about us. We've done 3 post together which I'll share with you as well as a little bit about us as a gluten-fee teenage couple!

How we met:
If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me posting a LOT more pictures of us than I do on my blog! The funny thing is though that we actually met through my blog! 1 year ago Breann sent me an email telling me who she ways saying she has both Celiac Disease and POTS. She was honestly one of the very few people my age that I actually had so much in common with and could relate too. We started skyping and getting to know each other really well and I found myself able to talk with her unlike anyone else. We already knew we had so much in common health wise but we learned we had so much more in common than that. We live in different states and have a long distance relationship, but when you find someone like that who feels so right for you, distance doesn't make a difference.

About us as a gluten-free teenage couple:
Breann and I aren't at all like most couples. We live in different states and only get to see each other a couple times a year, which really sucks. But there is so much more that we have that I know makes it worth it! We both have Celiac Disease and POTS which I actually learned I had because of her! Through this past year we have been able to stick together getting through pretty much get anything. There's a lot of difficulties that go along with being in a long distance relationship, but our support and love for each other is what helps us get through it. Our health is what brought us together but there is really so much more we have besides that. I learned early on the being gluten-free makes it really hard to relate to others. A lot of times before I met Breann I wasn't able to relate to really anyone my age. Meeting Breann and having her support has been a blessing. Even if it's not in person now it feels incredible to have someone your age who's your best friend, someone you can relate too, and someone you love. We've been together 1 year and I can honestly say it's been the happiest year of my life to be able to spend it with her and share more about us with you!

Our posts we've done together:

Being Gluten-Free And Relationships (From The View of a Gluten Free Teenage Couple) - Breann and I both share what it's like to deal with relationships while being gluten-free! Even though we are younger we still know what being gluten-free does to relationships and how it can make it harder. This was one of my favorite posts to share on Valentine's Day so check it out!

Living With Illnesses as Teenagers (A Boyfriend and Girlfriend's Story) - This is by far my favorite post I have on my blog. Breann and I both share what it's like to live with illnesses as teenagers, how we met through my blog, and how we deal with all these illnesses together as a couple!

Talking About POTS on the Gfree And Happy Show - If you're not aware of POTS then you definitely should be! Breann and I got the chance to both appear on the Gfree and Happy Show to talk about POTS with Kathy Nelson. Check this out too if you want to learn about POTS because I think you can learn a lot from us.

More from us:
I love being able to share stuff about us and how we deal with our illnesses as a gluten-free teenage couple. We've been together for 1 year and done 3 posts already, but if you would like to see more from the both of us then I would be glad to share more! Dealing with illnesses as teenagers is very hard for both of us to do but the fact we are able to relate to each other and understand makes it so much easier. If you would like to hear from us let me know! I know Breann and I will be around for a very long time and have a lot to share from our experiences.


It's unbelievable to think this all started one year ago. 
A simple email from a girl I didn't really know. 
She told me who she ways and shared me her stories.
I could talk to her so easily, not having to worry. 

I'm so blessed to call you my girlfriend today. 
The one I can tell anything to, my supporter in every way. 
Here we are one year later, happy as can be. 
I can't wait to see what the future holds, and to create more memories. 

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Breann! Love Taylor:)


EVA said...

I LOVE this! She looks like a real winner. I always hate when girls feel like they have to look constantly good for a photo, but she ain't afraid and looks awesome while doing it! She looks like a ton of fun and, although I don't know her, is surely a keeper.

And she has nice hair.


Taylor Miller said...

Thanks Eva! She's definitely a keeper in my eyes. :)

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