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January 6, 2014

What's To Come In 2014 For GlutenAway!

Last year I set a lot of resolutions and goals for my blog. I wanted to try and grow it to be much bigger than it was before and completely change the look of my blog as well. My goals of 2013 for my blog I happily accomplished. I've gotten my blog to a much better spot than it was a year ago and have been able to blog 2-3 times a week on many different topics. It's hard to believe it's 2014 already but with that being said I wanted to share some new things that I plan to add to my blog or improve on.

What's to come:
  1. As usual I will continue to post more recipes and try to share more personal posts from me as a teenager dealing with all these illnesses.
  2. I also plan to introduce more gluten-free gift baskets and cookbooks of mine to purchase for holidays, birthdays, or any time of year!
  3. POTS was something new I was diagnosed with this year and is something I plan to raise more awareness on. My girlfriend, Breann, helped me figure out I had it since she has it as well. I'll be including more videos and informative posts to educate more people about it.
  4. I know a blog isn't just about recipes and posts. It has to be more personal and about the life of the blogger! Breann is a huge part of my life so in 2014 I hope to share more things about her and I as a teenage couple dealing with POTS, Celiac Disease, and many other illnesses.

My visit with Breann to end the 2013 year!

Some of you may have saw that I spent the end of 2013 and New Year with my girlfriend, Breann. We have a long distance relationship which makes seeing each other a lot harder but makes all the moments we have in person much more enjoyable. 2013 was a great year for me and I couldn't of thought of any better way to spend it than with her. We spent four whole days together and got to open presents from each other as well as go ice skating and other fun activities. Spending time with her is always my favorite moments of the year and is something I cherish each time I visit. I hope to be able to share more about Breann and I during the 2014 year since she is such important part of my life. We've been dating for almost a year now and are both 16 years old dealing with Celiac Disease, POTS, and many other disorders. She makes life a lot easier when dealing with all this stuff and I know a lot of people would be interested to hear about our story as well. I started my 2014 of great with her and I hope you all have a great 2014 as well! Happy New Year!


Maria Abualouf said...

Wow God bless u and your girlfriend.... Love your recipes and my 7 years old help me a lot thank you very much I look forward for the books and New recipes

Taylor Miller said...

Thank you! Hopefully I can help you and your daughter out more this new year!

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