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October 18, 2013

Taking A Small Needed Break For A Good Reason

Us Facetiming
This weekend I'll be finally doing something I've been waiting to do for a very long time. You may have read a little bit about my girlfriend, Breann, and I through what we shared about our stories with the illnesses we deal with as teenagers. But I haven't shared too much about us as a couple. We actually have a long distance relationship which makes it very hard to see each other frequently. Since we both have POTS, Celiac Disease, and so many other things in common, I think it's well worth having the long distance relationship to support each other rather than no relationship at all. We are able to support each other in so many ways with all the things we deal with since it's pretty hard to relate to really anyone at the age we are at now. I would love to be able to live close by to where Breann lives now but I'll just take every opportunity I get to see her until then. That being said, I am happily spending the weekend with my girlfriend, Breann, this weekend and will be black to blogging on Monday. Obviously not being able to see someone you care about so much every day is hard which is why I'll be making the most of the moments I get this weekend. Have a great weekend everybody and I will be back to blogging on Monday!


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