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February 24, 2013

The New Gluten Free App (GlutenGuru)

Do you remember what it was like to first start out being gluten-free? All the new ingredients you had to learn to avoid, all the crazy foods you learned you couldn't eat. It's extremely hard at first for anyone to learn about what they now have to avoid. But what if I told you the phrase, "there's an app for that" could actually apply to this too? It might sound crazy to believe but Jodie & Melanie, the developers, are working on a new app the will be the solution to every newly gluten-free's problem, called GlutenGuru.

What will this new GlutenGuru app do?
First of all, we’d like to give a huge thank you to Taylor and GlutenAway, for allowing us the opportunity to talk about our project! He rocks our socks :)

In a nutshell, the GlutenGuru app will scan the ingredients of food products, and give the user an instant answer as to whether or not the product contains gluten or not. It will also be a learning tool that will teach users about why the food they have scanned is safe or unsafe for them to consume. Lastly, we’re hoping to have “shareable” shopping lists and social media sharing capabilities so they can always keep their friends and family in the loop.

How will it make the lives of anyone new to gluten-free easier?
Finding out that you need to change your entire lifestyle - or face debilitating consequences - can be incredibly overwhelming. This leaves newly diagnosed celiac patients feeling alone with a million new fears and emotions, especially when they realize how time consuming their new lifestyle will become.

The amount of work that goes along with learning gluten free grocery shopping is overwhelming, and so is the cost. If they stick to the “gluten free” aisle, they could end up paying $8 for a small jar of special gluten free mayo. Whereas with the GlutenGuru app they would have the ability to scan a variety of different mayo brands and find out that many of them, are ALREADY gluten free.

This is just an example though. We’re not assuming that everyone likes mayo. After all, it’s not bacon ;)

What caused you and your sister to come up with the idea?
Jodie’s 13 year old son Tyler has Type 1 Diabetes and was diagnosed with celiac nearly a year ago. Although she had a list of excellent resources from her clinic, nothing out there met her needs when trying to figure out what Tyler could and couldn't eat.

Between that and having an increasingly impatient toddler with her as she shopped, she figured there needed to be an easier way. She wanted more time with her family and less time at the grocery store, so we made a list of what she wanted in an app.

And, seeing as I have 10 years of SEO and Internet Marketing experience, it was a no-brainer for us to team up. We tend to be unstoppable when we do that!

Have you used any other gluten-free apps before? Which are your favorite and why?
Jodie likes “Find Me Gluten Free”. They feature blog posts from some amazing writers and she can find restaurants that have gluten free on the menu. Users can also get driving directions from Google maps and it has a list of chain restaurants with links to their gluten free food options. It's great for eating out.

What is the estimated time this app will be launched or when are you hoping to get it launched by?
We’re really hoping to launch in May 2013 as it's celiac awareness month. We’re relying on people to donate though so it will depend on how fast we can raise the funds we need.

What can people do to help?
Making a donation would be awesome! Through Indiegogo, we can accept payments via both PayPal and credit card. It’s a super easy and safe process.

If you can’t donate, you can still help by making some noise about our project (maybe by writing about GlutenGuru App on your blog!) and giving us some social media love on Twitter and Facebook. Other than that, they can help us by using the app once it’s released and then telling us about how much it helped THEM.

Thanks again Taylor, for showing the GlutenGuru app some love!

My final thoughts:
When I heard about this app and how revolutionary it was going to be in the gluten-free world, I immediately knew this was something that people had to hear about. I'm sure you remember how hard it was when you first started out being gluten-free. There really wasn't anything like this to help make shopping gluten-free easier. Simply donating or just getting the word out about it is a simple way you can help this great new app. 

I'd like to thank Melanie and Jodie for being my amazing 2nd guest bloggers and I wish the best of luck to them in the future as this app gets underway!

For more about the app and how you can help, Click Here!

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To like the GlutenGuru Facebook page, Click Here!


Alaine @ My GF & DF Living said...

I love the idea of this app! Any app to help with gluten issues is great in my book.

Taylor Miller said...

I know, this will completely change the way people new to gluten-free could shop! I thought it was an amazing idea too. Thank you for commenting!

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